NB ! The aide-instructions for Tourists: Kyrgyzstan-one of the most beautiful countries of the world. The nature of Kyrgyzstan is varied and virgin. Dear people! Concern to the nature carefully, keep the cleanliness-then she will fill you with pleasure and delight of stay in this wonderful country!
 Having gone to mountains - you can drink the cleanest water directly from streams. Aromas of grasses are inexhaustible. Local people is trustful and hospitable.
 !However, service for tourists is not always adequate to advertising and the prices. Be ready to unexpectedness. More likely this country is for the persons interested in active leisure, not afraid extreme tourism. Before to go, address to the proved companies. - or to our agent in Kyrgyzstan-which can always be near to you and solve many problems!
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Advice:  There are a lot of  hotels in  Kyrgyzstan it . But if if at you are limited financially, or you are not so choosy to service- there are a lot of apartments  for short term rent with a very comprehensible price . Unfortunately the prices in  many hotels of Kyrgyzstan do not correspond to the service for a while . Announcements of short term rent of apartments are in local newspapers , or You can  address to our agent before a trip to help you with a choice.


  С.А.T corporation:

  • In Bishek
  • On the lake Issik -Kul
  • In the  Osh
  • In Narin
  •            or here:

    On the lake of Issik- Kul upon arrival you can find any time a place in private sector where to stay with a very competitive price. But you should certainly know which place /village You are going to visit. If you rent rent a car - so You can make a very attractive trip around the lake.










































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