K.Bakiyev: The World Bank is one of our key partners
The Chui oblast to implement 117 investment projects
FAO working to recover fisheries in world’s second largest mountain lake
Kyrgyzstan wants to develop economic cooperation with Pakistan
The budget revenues increased by 20.9 percent for nine months

       •New Tax Code comes into force

Central Asia: Doing Business is Easiest in Kyrgyzstan – report
yrgyzstan is the most conducive country in Central Asia for doing business, the World Bank Doing Business 2009 report states. The report released on September 10 together with International Finance Corporation covers 181 countries and ranks them on the ease of doing business. The ranking is based on ten different indicators, including procedures and documents needed to open up a company, the time and cost required to complete each procedure in order to formally operate in the country.





Macroeconomy. September 2009 The macroeconomic overview provided by SigmaBleyzer Company

The Strategy of Counter-cyclic Policy Despite high activity, observed in the banking industry this summer, the beginning of autumn is characterized by the lack of banking-related news. Nonetheless, in September we have witnessed a number of events that can radically change the layout of the financial system of Kazakhstan in the near future. 

Kazakhstan’s Economy: Half Year Results The analysis of major economic performance indicators in Kazakhstan over the last two and half years showed a trend of gradual decrease, which continued up to the first quarter of 2009. However, the second quarter was marked by some signs of stabilization, even with some growth in June. If the revival of economic activities continues in the second half of 2009, our country will likely finish the 2009 year out of recession. 

  Doing Business in Kazakhstan - Doing Business - The World Bank ...
... Economic data. Compare economies by income per capita, and population. Kazakhstan. ...
Indicator, Kazakhstan, Region, OECD. Procedures (number), 8, 7.7, 5.8. ...

                         MARKET ANALYSIS ( Kazagromarketing)

A brief review of tanning industry market in Kazakhstan
In the following analysis country supply of its own fell of cattle and small cattle
A brief review of meat market «About prices formation on agricultural animals’ meat at delivery to Astana markets»
In the following analysis there are country supply of its own specific meat manufacture, export-import structure, and import structure.
A brief review of potato market and fruit vegetable production in
The brief review of potato market and fruit vegetable production in the Republic of Azerbaijan is carried out
Marketing research of children foodstuff market in Kazakhstan
According marketing research results, Kazakh market of children foodstuff is “mono-structural” in other words only import product is presented in the market (assortment of trade marks of production presented in market, is 40 appellations)
Market analysis of children foodstuff in Kazakhstan
Market of children foodstuff in Kazakhstan is the most poorly known food sector.
Marketing research of a vegetable oil market in Kazakhstan.
Vegetable oil market is one of the dynamically developing sectors in Kazakhstan.
Grain market analysis in Kazakhstan
Recently questions on the lowest share of agricultural products processing, including often grain bring up in an experts society
Analysis of demand for foodstuff of a domestic manufacture
Marketing research has been carried out with the purpose of a level establishment of demand for food stuffs of a domestic manufacture.
Analysis of prices variation for flour and bread depending on prices
For last years the prices in the market of grain often enough varied

                    PRICE MONITORING  

                   Republican prices













































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